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Artist Biography - Mini Griffin

Hello! I am a local artist living in Kirkland. I was born in Spain. Studied Fine Art in England and have a Bachelor’s degree in Multimedia. I was a successful freelance Web Designer for many years.

My life changed when we moved to the USA 10 years ago. I have two beautiful energetic boys who have kept me ever so busy and bring me great joy. I paint mostly with my fingers, so I can feel where the paint wants to go. I use handcrafted oils on big canvases. Inspired by many walks by the lake with my family. The varied landscape of Washington is a constant source of creative stimulation. Sunsets are very meaningful to me. They are the end of a day. And a new beginning!

I started painting at a very young age next to my mothers desk. Had my first exhibition at the age of 17. I have typically chosen cafes, bars and local businesses to exhibit. Generally places where people and friends socialize. My paintings are very unique and made especially for each location and person. I welcome any venues in which I can showcase my artwork. I have really enjoyed the many commissions this year. I love transforming peoples’ rooms with my bright colors. Watching how staff react when I hang my paintings in grey offices, suddenly they are all smiling. I have had women cry from a memory triggered. Wonderful romantic stories behind some of the sold paintings. The vibrancy of my artwork very much reflects my personality. In a hippy way I like to think they are bursts of positive energy. My goal is to make you feel some kind of emotion when you look at the painting.

I can only describe them as an awakening of the soul. This represents a new beginning. Full of life and color! They are explosions of the soul! All original with a touch of Mini to tingle your eyes and make you smile. I hope you enjoy them.

If you are interested in my art please feel free to contact me.